Our Story

How it all started(summary)

The start of DC Mink Collection LLC came from our CEO, Danisha, and started off as her doing lash extensions in January 2017 (DC Mink by Dani). Between working a normal job and having some free time to do lash extensions, Danisha eventually said goodbye to her part-time job in October 2017. After leaving her part-time job, she went on to do lash extensions full-time. A month later (November 2017), Danisha started selling the virgin mink hair she had been wearing and also making custom wigs. That’s where our name, DcminkcollectionLLC, came into play. DC is our CEO's first and last name; Mink comes in for the lashes and hair; and Collection for everything as a whole. At the time and still to this day, a clientele is emerging, which brought Danisha into starting an eyelash extension supply business in January 2018. The lash supplies not only covered Danisha's clients but other lash technicians as well. Our company has a lot more in store for you ladies, and we hope you will be part of us one day.

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