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Raw Cambodian

Raw Cambodian

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*single bundle price*

100% Raw Cambodian WAVY hair. When we say "Raw" we mean just that. All natural, no processing. Full bundles from top to bottom. Our hair is low maintenance & free of excessive tangling/shedding.

No two bundles are the same with single donor raw hair. Meaning they vary in color from dark brown to natural 1b. No pattern,texture, and luster will be the exact same, the hair is also not steamed to form uniform patterns. 


For lengths 16-24”, 3 bundles is recommended .

If purchasing lengths 26-30+ I recommend 4 bundles , this will depend on your desired look. 


Q. Can I bleach the hair to 613?

A. Of Course !! Each bundle comes from a single donor, which means that it isn't mixed with other hairs, synthetic fibers etc. 

Q. How should I care for raw hair ? 

A.This is REAL RAW HAIR, so you will need to treat it as such! Please deep condition your raw hair at least twice a month & keep it moisturized to prevent dryness & brittleness!

Q. Do your bundles come co-washed?

A. Yes! We co-wash all of our raw extensions before shipping them out. 

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